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Offer VPS Hosting Servers On Behalf Of Your Private Brand Name

Adding VPS web server hosting plans to your web hosting storefront will mould a better image for your business. There are a small number of virtual private web hosting server reseller programs where you must buy the private virtual hosting servers yourself before you can sell them to your shared hosting customers. This presupposes advance charges and there is no guarantee that you will be able to sell what you have already invested in.

So how could you refrain from this economic jeopardy and time-demanding work?

In reply to this, launched a fully automated free reseller hosting program.

Without any advance charges and down payments, you can sell VPS hosting servers as well as other web hosting services and domains without any commercial risk.

You will have your very own brand name and your customers will purchase directly from your hosting store. They will never uncover that you are a reseller. You can offer private virtual hosting server plans and other services without the need to purchase them first.

You just pick the virtual hosting server packages you wish to resell, set your own prices on them and exhibit the VPS hosting plans on your custom-designed e-store or make use of's free turn-key front-store templates. You can choose your virtual private web server hosting packages and modify their prices from your Reseller Control Panel with simple point & click actions. handles all customer support procedures and pays you each month for the sales that you have completed. The web hosting vendor never charges you a single cent for selling their services. makes cash when you make profit - it's as simple as that.

You close deals, you gain money!

Pre-Configured Private Virtual Hosting Server Packages with Operating System Choices and a 99.9% Server Uptime Guarantee

All virtual server packages are pre-built for you - there is no need to cope with any setups or technical configurations.

You will be able to combine your virtual web server packages with ordinary shared website hosting packages, semi-dedicated servers and dedicated hosting servers. Selling all these hosting services at the same time gives you an enormous advantage over the other web hosting distributors.

All private virtual hosting server plans enable you to choose an OS and offer a lot of administration options, the Virtuozzo Power Panel, root access, Secure Shell access, reseller extras (a domain name reseller account/ClientExec) and upgrade (add-on/admin) services.

Each VPS hosting plan is supported by's charge-free server setup, fast virtual private web server activation and ninety-nine point nine percent server uptime service-level agreements.

The private virtual hosting server plans are part of a consolidated hosting platform. Your clients will be able to easily upgrade from a shared web site hosting plan to a virtual server web hosting package or from a VPS web hosting server to a semi-dedicated hosting server, and so on. So, join today!.